2016 Grants

Arts and Culture


Angkor Dance Troupe, Inc.
$40,000 to support the dance troupe’s three-year strategic growth plan. (Projected additional support of $30,000 in 2017 and $20,000 in 2018.)

First United Baptist Church
$5,000 toward the fabrication and installation of historically appropriate iron grilles to protect the building’s windows.

Lowell Art Association
d/b/a Whistler House Museum of Art
$20,000 for a new round of renovations to the historic Whistler House, the birthplace of painter James Abbott McNeill Whistler.

Lowell Festival Foundation
with Lowell National Historical Park
$75,000 to hire a new development director for the Folk and Summer Music Festivals. (Projected additional support of $75,000 in 2017.)

Made In Lowell
$5,000 in support of “Trailer Chat,” an oral history project capturing stories from various Lowell neighborhoods through multimedia exhibits and displays.

New England Quilt Museum
$25,000 in emergency support for replacement of the museum’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

Subtotal Arts and Culture:  $170,000
Percentage of total:  16.5%


Community and Economic Development


Entrepreneurship for All, Inc.  (EforAll)
$20,000 in continued support  for EforAll’s Cambodian outreach project in Lowell serve emerging Khmer-speaking entrepreneurs.  (Total project support of $25,000 in 2015-16.)

Lawrence Community Works, Inc.
f/b/o Mill Cities Leadership Institute

Lawrence, MA
$10,000 for capacity building of the Mill Cities Leadership Institute, a leadership development program for local leaders and innovators in Lowell and Lawrence.  (Total project support $25,000.)

Lowell Community Loan Fund, Inc
d/b/a Mill Cities Community Investments

$30,000 in continued operating support for the organization as it builds it base of capital for long-term self-sufficiency.  

Massachusetts Institute for a New Commonwealth, Inc.
Boston, MA
$20,000 for a new research project on the use of state capital expenditures in gateway cities and their effect on economic revitalization.

Mill City Grows, Inc.
$50,000 in capacity-building support to expand the positions of key staff allowing them to develop a five year plan, increase fundraising, volunteer satisfaction, and data management.

Subtotal Community and Economic Development:  $130,000
Percentage of total: 13%


Development of Philanthropy


Aaron’s Presents, Inc.
Andover, MA
$15,000 in support of the new organization’s work in engaging Lowell children in charitable activities. (Projected additional support of $10,000 in 2017.)

Subtotal Development of Philanthropy:  $15,000
Percentage of total:  1.5%




Catie’s Closet
$45,000 toward the expansion of services in Lowell, thereby providing an additional 4,000 students with clothing and basic necessities.

Generation Citizen, Inc.
Boston, MA
$15,000 to bring the organization’s civics education program, which engages freshman students at Lowell High School in hands-on organizing projects and presentations.

Greater Lowell Community Foundation, Inc.
$5,000 to cover the cost of the Tom Leggat Youth Opportunities Fund’s second-year award.  In future years this award, honoring longtime Parker Foundation trustee Thomas E. Leggat, will be drawn from the $100,000 endowment. (Total project support of $110,000, 2014-2016.)

Jumpstart for Young Children, Inc.
Boston, MA
$30,000 to recruit, train, and manage 60 student Corps members who engage 200 Lowell children in a year-long literacy and language curriculum that helps children be ready for kindergarten. (Total support of $80,000, 2012-16.)

Let’s Get Ready, Inc.
Boston, MA
$15,000 for college prep and retention work with 45 Lowell high school students.  (Total project support of $35,000, 2014-16.)

Project LEARN, Inc.
$40,000 in third-year support for Project LEARN, a strategic initiative to raise private dollars for the benefit of the Lowell Public Schools.  (Total project support of $160,000, 2010-16.)

United Teen Equality Center
$75,000 in startup support for a child care center serving parent participants of UTEC and their young children.

Subtotal Education:  $225,000
Percentage of total:  22%




Boston Medical Center, Inc.
Department of Psychiatry

Boston, MA
$10,000 in second-year support for a mental health program serving African immigrants in Lowell run in collaboration with Christ Jubilee International Ministries and Lowell Community Health Center. (Total project support of $35,000, 2013-16.)

Bridgewell, Inc.
Lynnfield, MA
$40,000 for capital improvements to the organization’s downtown Lowell building housing Bridgewell Counseling Services and Lowell Adult Day Treatment.

 Lowell Community Health Center, Inc.
$143,285 as the fourth installment of a five-year, $700,000 grant toward the health center’s campaign for a new facility.  (Total commitment of $1 million 2010–16, with projected additional support of $140,000 in 2017).

Merrimack Valley Project, Inc.
Lawrence, MA
$15,000 for the membership organization’s campaign to close systemic gaps in opioid drug treatment.

Subtotal Health:  $208,285
Percentage of total:  20.5%



International Institute of Boston, Inc.
d/b/a International Institute of New England

Boston, MA
$50,000 to hire a full-time housing specialist to more quickly and efficiently secure housing for incoming refugee clients in Lowell.

Massachusetts Alliance of Portuguese Speakers
Cambridge, MA
$10,000 for the organization’s senior housing initiative, to support outreach to Portuguese-speaking families in Greater Lowell in need of assisted living services.

Subtotal Housing:  $60,000
Percentage of total:  6%


Human Services


Adolescent Consultation Services, Inc.
Cambridge, MA
$5,000 in support of the Lowell Juvenile Court Clinic’s new family therapy intervention program for court-involved teens whose primary reason for juvenile justice involvement is family conflict.

Boys & Girls Club of Greater Lowell
$20,000 to expand the number of teen served and add new teen programming.

Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association of Greater Lowell, Inc.
$30,000 in core support for the agency, to be used toward the executive director position and that of a part-time development director to be hired.

Community Teamwork, Inc.
f/b/o African Community Center of Lowell

$15,000 as a six-month planning grant to build key organizational infrastructure needed to launch and sustain a new community center for African immigrants and refugees living in the Greater Lowell area.

Girls Incorporated of Greater Lowell
$5,000 to purchase a development management software program to strengthen the organization’s overall fundraising efforts.

Life Connection Center
$15,000 to hire professional staff for a soup kitchen/community center for low-income families and individuals struggling with substance abuse.

Mental Health Association of Greater Lowell, Inc.
$10,000 planning grant for a foster care program serving adult Cambodians in Lowell.

Merrimack Valley Food Bank, Inc.
$17,500 for replacement of the organization’s refrigerated food truck.

Plummer Home for Boys
Salem, MA
$20,000 in second-round support for the Plummer Home’s foster care program in Lowell.

Project Citizenship, Inc.
Boston, MA
$25,000 for expansion of services to Lowell providing training of partner nonprofit staff to obtain certification as Board of Immigrations Appeals representatives.

United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley
Boston, MA
$40,000 in renewed support for the Summer Experiences in Greater Lowell program, providing camping, youth employment and early childhood education opportunities for Lowell children and youth.

Subtotal Human Services:  $202,500

Percentage of total:  20%




Associated Grant Makers, Inc.
Boston, MA

Subtotal Memberships:  $5,000
Percentage of total:  .5%


Total Grants in 2016:   $1,015,785